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Plant & Machinery


Capacity: 0.7 MTPA Raw Coal (@125 TPH) Power Requirement: 5.0 Unit / MT Raw Coal feed top size to HM Cyclone 22 mm Washed Coal Customer: DRI Middling Wash Coal Customer: Power Plant Effluent Discharge: NIL

The 700,000 TPA Coal Washery having beneficiation capacity of 125 TPH was set up for coal washing. The washed coal is utilized in the DRI plant.


The 2,70,000 TPA DRI plant has been set up for manufacturing of sponge iron consisting of nine kilns of 100 TPD each. The raw materials used in sponge iron making are iron ore (hematite grade), coal, dolomite / limestone. The sponge iron coming out from cooler is mixed with non -magnetic char and passed through screen and magnetic separators via intermediate bins. Finally sponge iron (lumps and fines) as well as non- magnetic char are stored in separate designated bins. From bins the sponge iron passes through an automatic packing machine. The bagged DRI is dispatched either to external customers or released for internal use in SMS.


34 MW CPP has been set up for power generation from waste heat boilers utilizing waste heat from the DRI plants and coal fed boiler.

WHR Boilers

5 nos WHR (Waste Heat Recovery) boilers are operating with waste heat gases which from DRI Kilns. The capacity of each boiler 10TPH, pr. 65 kg/cm2 & temp. 4850C

CFBC Boiler

The CFBC Boiler operating with coal, the capacity of boiler 130TPH, pr. 65 kg/cm2 & temperature of 485 0C. It consists of hot cyclone, primary & secondary super heaters, economizer, air preheater and also to reduce the dust emission from flue gas one Electro Static Precipitator (ESP) provided.

D.M Plant

Deminerlised water: Reverse Osmosis (RO) system has been installed of 11 m3 / hr capacity.

Coal Handling Plant

For required size of coal, crusher and vibrating screen have been installed. The capacity of the crusher is 100 Ton/hr.


There are two batteries in operation with a total of 60 top-charged ovens as follows: • Battery-1: 30 ovens
• Battery-2: 30 ovens
• Capacity of each oven: 9 ton
• Charging hole: 4 nos

In the Coke Oven Plant, with a joint capacity of 120,000 TPA, two Coke Oven Batteries have been set up for the production of metallurgical coke to be used in blast furnace.

The two coke oven batteries of 30 ovens each have facility of by-product (tar) recovery. The coke oven gas generated during carbonisation is partly used for battery heating and the rest is sent to rolling mills.


In AML 3,60,000 TPA Sinter Plant has been set up for the production of sinter to be utilized in blast furnace and thereby reducing iron ore and coke consumption and improve the productivity of the blast furnace. Sinter is a hard, strong and porous mass, produced by the incipient fusion of iron bearing materials, limestone, dolomite and coke fines.


In AML, MBF of capacity of 230,000 TPA has been set up for manufacturing of pig iron / hot metal to be used steel making.

In the262 Cu M blast furnace, the burden of iron ore and coke is reduced into hot metal. Coke is used both as reductant and fuel. To maintain heat in the furnace a stove has been set upThe hot metal produced shall be transferred to Electric Arc Furnace for primary refining or cast in pig casting machine.


Electric Arc Furnace
• 40MT Capacity with 2 Nos of VLB (BSE) thru Sidewall, EBT
• High degree of dephosphorization to achieve level of 0.005%
• Transformer Capacity- 24MVA
• EBT for Slag Free Tapping
• Continuous Feeding of DRI

Induction Furnaces
• 2 nos furnaces 20 Capacity
• AOD facility

Ladle Refinery Furnace (2 Nos)
• 40 MT Capacity
• Transformer Capacity-9MVA-2 & 7MVA-1
• Chemistry and temperature homogenization
• Continuous Argon gas purging for cleaner steel
• Wire Feeding Facility

Vacuum Degassing
• Tank Degassing Type with 7 stage steam ejectors
• Vacuum level achievable < 1m bar
• Strict control on oxygen and hydrogen gases.
• Very low level of inclusions
• High clean steel inclusion and defect free during casting

Continuous Caster
• Radius:
   • Caster-1 & 3: 6/11m
   • Caster-2: 12/16/24/48m
• T-type Tundish with Anti-Vortex Dam
• Tundish Load Cell
• Argon shrouding
• Mould EMS
• Turret Facility
• Mist Cooling
• Highest Cast Bloom Sections
   • Round section: 160, 220mm
   • Rectangle section: 300x320mm

Particulars SMS - I (EAF) SMS - II (IF)
No. of furnace 1 2
Average batch capacity (T) 37.5 20.5
Installed capacity if liquid metal (TPA) 3,00,000 1,40,000


With an achievable capacity of 2,16,000 TPA, the Rolling Mill has been set up for the manufacturing of rolled products for automobile and engineering sector. Considering the fact that Alloy & Stainless Steel blooms require quick heating (to avoid decarburisation) and thorough soaking to achieve trouble free rolling, a Top & Bottom Fired Walking Beam Type Reheating Furnace has been set up in the Rolling Mill.

Plant Locations No. of Rolling Mills Production Capacity (TPA)
Rourkela, Odisha 2 2,16,000


The Company has also set up 3 units of 400 SM3 per hour for production of oxygen for the above purposes. The plant will operate 24 hours in a day and 340 days in year. The installed capacity of the plant works outat 97, 92,000 NM3 per year. Apart from the above, Company has set up captive oxygen plant of 3500 NM3 /hr to meet its enhanced requirement of oxygen and nitrogen with Linde India.