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Our Beloved Founder

Late Mahadeo Prasad Agarwal (24 October 1925 – 13th May 2002)

Our most respected Sri Mahadeo Prasad Agarwal laid the foundation stone of Adhunik which has now burgeoned into the Adhunik Group. What started as a trickle – is now developing into a potent economic force – a force to reckon with.

The roots of Adhunik are steel strong. The sure-footed way in which the group is embarking upon a journey is comprehended as one of the finest examples of how a group can grow with values, determination, technological excellence and care for its customers – thanks to the strong foundation laid by our founder.

We dedicate ourselves to the ideas and values cherished and nurtured by Sri Mahadeo Prasad Agarwal and commit ourselves to the organisation's building task started by him.

Today, as the times are challenging, we need to give our 100 percent to the organisation so that the progress path is maintained in line with the vision of our founding father. We are sure we will have his blessings if our effort and intent is honest, sincere and pure.