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Captive Power Plant (CPP)

A 34 MW CPP has been set up for power generation from waste heat coming out from the DRI plants and solid waste coming from coal washery and DRI plants.

The 34 MW captive power plant is generating 12 MW electricity using waste heat from Adhunik's DRI plant and balance 22 MW solid waste from the DRI plant and coal washery. The capacity calculation is as under:

Particulars Existing 34 MW
Plant Installed Capacity (MW 34
No. of Working Hours per day 24
No. of Working Day per day 330
Annual Generation of Power (Mu) 269.28

Captive Power Plant will be to ensure availability of adequate electrical energy in a cost effective manner utilizing primarily off gases and waste by-products of various modules. Adhunik further plans to expand its captive power plant capacity to 79 MW by setting up an additional 45 MW captive power plant.