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Coke Oven Plant

In the Coke Oven Plant, with a joint capacity of 120,000 TPA, two Coke Oven Batteries have been set up for the production of metallurgical coke to be used in blast furnace.

The two coke oven batteries of 30 ovens each have facility of by-product (tar) recovery. The coke oven gas coming out of the oven at about 700° C - 800° C is cooled to 80° C - 85° C by spraying Ammonical liquor. The coking coal (Australian coals) is blended and charged through charging holes and is carbonised in the absence of air. The coke oven gas generated during carbonisation is partly used for battery heating and the rest is sent to rolling mills. The In-house coke oven plant protects the Company from the volatility in pricing purchased coke from China and helps save the conversion cost.