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Compliance Policy


We are committed to…
- Transparency in documentation, reporting and business practices across the organisation
- A sustainable business by abiding with law and code of conduct, standards and policies
- Cooperating with law making bodies and competent authorities at all levels
- Taking prompt, corrective actions in order to prevent compliance failures, if any
- Implementing compliance policies and systematic monitoring on a regular basis
- Keeping aside personal interests and acting in a disciplined manner
- Following compliance guidelines as an organisational culture
- Fair competition at the global level

We at Adhunik Group are committed towards achieving 100% Compliance with the Statutory, Environmental and Corporate Governance guidelines laid out by the policy makers, and hereby take pledge to adhere to this consistently  as a law-abiding workforce. With this pledge we proudly consider ourselves as a responsible and integral component of the organisational growth.

We envisage Adhunik Group as a 100% disciplined organisation with respect to Statutory, Environmental and Corporate Governance Regulations.