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Corporate Sustainability

Adhunik Metaliks’ attention to the incorporation of environment policies involves the initiatives towards prevention of the various kinds of pollution, establishment of an effective waste management, steps taken towards enormous greenery development & conservation and the establishment of proper drainage systems in and around our plant. Further, construction of roads, landscaping and beautification of associated areas is a part of our annual ritual.

Adhunik’s health and safety policies comprise the thorough charting of a safety calendar, appointment of safety officials, the establishment of an integrated Occupational Health Centre consisting of qualified & experienced Chief Medical Officer along with other necessary staff, dispensary, pharmacy, chemist shop and pathology laboratory.

Adhunik’s basic environmental, health and safety policies include:

Fulfillment of the legislative and statutory requirements, ensure smooth and safe operations.

Taking care of the health & safety issues through job-specific hazard identification and risk management.

Focus on Waste minimization, greenery conservation & conservation of resources with a commitment to continual improvement.

Propagation of Environment, Health and Safety messages through employee training and supervision.

Propagating pollution-control measures by introducing advanced initiatives.

Enhancing eco-friendly technology into our business lines for a cleaner and greener growth.

Adhunik aims for zero discharge of water by proper treatment of the wastewater generated from various processes of the plant for reuse/ recycle back into the process & secondary applications in plant premises.

We also have an efficient waste management system in place by reconciliation of the following:

Commissioned a captive power plant where the rejects from coal washery, char from the DRI kilns and waste heat from theDRI plant are be used to generate power.

Recycle the undersized metallic fines/particles, dust generated from the electrostatic precipitator & bag filters, through the sinter plant for Sinter making for use in the blast furnace.