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DRI Division

The 300,000 TPA DRI Division has been set up for the manufacturing of sponge iron to be used in steel making. The Company's sponge iron division consists of seven kilns of 100 TPD each and two kilns of 150 TPD each. The raw materials used in sponge iron making are iron ore (hematite grade), coal, dolomite / limestone. The sponge iron coming out from cooler is mixed with non magnetic char and passed through screen and magnetic separators via intermediate bins. Finally sponge iron (lumps and fines) as well as non magnetic char are stored in separate designated bins. From bins the sponge iron passes through an automatic packing machine. The bagged DRI is dispatched either to the customer or released for internal use in steel melting shop.

Thus, there are seven 100 TPD and two 150 TPD modules of DRI plants along with all required auxiliary and balancing facilities for the production of 300,000 tons of sponge iron per annum. The plant currently operates on three shifts per day and 300 working days per annum have been considered for calculating the installed capacity. Further, a 350 TPD DRI plant is also under implementation which will add a 105,000 TPA capacity from FY 2013.