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EHS policy

Focus on the safety and health of the employees and the preservation of the environment has always been an important part of the agenda of the Adhunik corporate policy.

An investment in elaborate safety measures on the part of the company ensures that the employees are assured a very safe working environment and that the ecological footprint is minimal.

The Company aims to achieve a clean, healthy and safe environment by investing in air pollution control, waste management, drainage systems, road construction, landscaping and plant beautification. The Company also imparts regular environment and safety training to its employees and has appointed a well experienced team to ensure an effective EHS management system. There are also doctors on call round the clock at the sites to attend and case of emergency.

The additional safety measures undertaken by the Company include a variety of them:-
  • The Company has established a number of systems to ensure the safety of its plants and personnel. The first line of defense remains prevention. Systems and operations are therefore designed to prevent the smallest mishap that could potentially lead to accidents.
  • As a part of the safety protocol, Adhunik has laid down strict safety norms that employees, irrespective of their organisational positions, have to follow.
The following measures have been further undertaken to monitor safety process:
  • Compliance with all national and international safety standards
  • Countering risks with suitable control measures
  • Establishment of a Central Safety Committee to review and upgrade safe working practices
  • Devising of an emergency management plan
  • Arrangement of regular mock drills in units and mining sites
  • Establishment of systems to record and report any accident. All reported incidents are thoroughly investigated and corrective action is taken for preventing similar occurrences in the future.
  • Provision of appropriate protective equipments and gear with strictly monitored usage to ensure safety
  • Conducting of regular safety training programs for the employees
  • The Company maintains its own fire station, fully equipped with a fire tender, modern communication facilities, an elaborate fire hydrant system and fire extinguishers, among others, operated by trained experts. Additionally, fire training drills are periodically organised to provide hands-on training and create confidence among the employees.

Clearly Adhunik is pulling all the measures it can to take care of its responsibilities pertaining to its environment.