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When it comes to the environment, the Adhunik Group has always been an epitome of values. It has been setting high standards through responsible environment management that make life safer and easier for both its workers and the community as a whole. For Adhunik Group, the meaning of good corporate citizenship always stands for the active contribution of a company towards preserving the environment.

There are certain very important safety measures that the company has undertaken towards the safety management of its working environment to facilitate a better working atmosphere for its workers. The company has made substantial capital investments to ensure proper treatment of generated effluents to meet all the relevant regulatory requirements. It has also reduced pollution through the installation of control equipment on processing equipment.
  • The Company has invested in a full-fledged dust extraction mechanism (ESP) in its DRI kilns that separate dust electrostatically from flue gases resulting in harmless emission. There are Electrostatic precipitators in DRI kilns, CPP, FAD and sinter plants.
  • The Company also uses waste heat coming out of the blast furnace and DRI kilns in its captive power unit (first unit).
  • Coke oven gases are used in rolling mills for reheating billets.
  • The Company has invested in a coal washery from which the solid waste is reused in the captive power plant (second unit).
  • The Company has also set itself a target of zero discharge by using dust particles from the electrostatic precipitator in the blast furnace at the sinter plant. The Company intends to achieve zero discharge through the following initiatives:
    • Waste management by adopting the 3 Rs – reduce, recover, recycle/reuse.
    • Power generation through captive power plant through utilisation of rejects from coal washeries, char from DRI kilns and waste heat from DRI plants.
    • Waste heat/BF gas and coke oven gas utilisation in hot rolling mill and SMS.
  • Sprinklers and dust suppression systems are present in the material-handling site to reduce fugitive emission

  • As a result, the Company's emissions are now well below the norms as specified by the local, regional and national regulatory bodies.
  • There are also well-designed bag houses at raw material conveying systems in DRI plants and furnaces in steel melting shops.
  • Greenbelt development and tree plantation have been resorted to by the company in order to fulfill its duty towards the natural environment.

Clearly Adhunik is pulling all the measures it can to take care of its responsibilities pertaining to its environment.