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Water is an incredibly important aspect of our daily lives. Villages in Odisha , particularly around the periphery, face an extreme scarcity of water. To address this pressing issue, an extensive study was conducted into the rural water dilemma. Once the study was concluded, the Adhunik Group came out with a revolutionary technology to devise an economical drinking water program religiously following WHO and BIS guidelines. The technology treats the existing pathogens, arsenics and other harmful dissolved compounds and organisms.

The Adhunik Group has constructed water treatment plants in association with Project Dewdrop, for the villages of Odisha near the periphery of its plants and mines at Rourkela and Koira respectively. It is presently supplying 8000ltrs of drinking water to the villagers.

The same technology is also implemented across various units of the Adhunik group at Jharkhand.

Various initiatives have been taken to cope with this situation including repair of malfunctioning tube wells. Drinking water is supplied to all the villagers through tankers and deep boring is carried out at various villages near the periphery of all the units of the Adhunik Group. At regular intervals, water kiosks are also erected.

The Group’s contribution towards providing safe drinking water was recognized by ‘Interface –Asia CSR-2012” when Adhunik Group was awarded with ‘Think Odisha Leadership Awards-2012.

Other than this, several infrastructure related initiatives have been worked out in order to provide basic facilities like roads, drinking water, electrification etc. in surrounding areas. Roads and culverts have been constructed in the remote areas for better and faster communication. Water treatment plants have been set up in the villages like Gobira and Lodosera of Kuarmunda block in Rourkela, Odisha to ensure safe drinking water. Apart from this, tube wells and chapakals have also been installed in the villages. Electrification facilities in the said villages have been provided and the project is in progress in other villages. A bus-stand shed in Kuarmunda, Rourkela was constructed for the public.

Construction of Village Road Construction of Water Treatment Plant Electrification of Villages