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Oxygen Plant

Modern steelmaking relies heavily on the use of oxygen to enrich air and increase combustion temperatures in blast furnaces and open hearth furnaces as well as to replace coke with other combustible materials. During the steel making process, unwanted carbon combines with oxygen to form carbon oxides, which leave as gases. Oxygen is fed into the steel bath through a special lance. Oxygen is used to allow greater use of scrap metal in electric arc furnaces. The Company has also set up 3 units of 400 SM3 per hour for production of oxygen for the above purposes. The plant will operate 24 hours in a day and 330 days in year. The installed capacity of the plant works out at 97,92,000 NM3 per year.

Apart from the above, Company has set up captive oxygen plant of 3500 NM3 / hr to meet its enhanced requirement of oxygen and nitrogen with BOC India.