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Cold Heading Steel

This kind of steel is used to make high tensile fasteners and safety equipment, electronic goods, automotive components and heavy machinery from a variety of steel grades, depending on the application and strength requirements with the advancement of technology in cold forged, extruded and thread rolled application with an excellent dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

Fasteners are important members of an assemblage of equipments or structures and thus influence their integrity and performance. They are widely used in High Level Fasteners & Safety Equipments, Electronic gadgets, Automobile Industries, Heavy Machineries.

The grades being manufactured are:

AISI 10B36, AISI 15B25, DIN 19MnB4M, AISI 15B41, AISI 10B21M,
SCM415H,SCM 420H, SCM435, AISI 4135, En24, AISI 4140,  AISI 1541etc.