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Carbon Heading Steel

The Carbon Heading Steel (i.e. high quality carbon steel) has better mechanical and processing performance than many other varieties of steel. This steel has good superficial and internal quality, fine and uniform austenitic grain size, good impact toughness, good cleanliness, lower gas content and good response to Heat Treatment. It is used in Auto, Defense, Railways and various other forging and manufacturing industries for various kinds of mechanical structural components, metallic products and tools, motor shaft & pistons rod ,case hardened components, forging, drawn wires and nuts & bolts.

The grades being manufactured are:

CK45, SAE1030, 35C8, 45C8, En8, En8A, En8B, En8C, En8D, En9, En15B,
En32B, S35C, S45C, S48C, S55C , S58C , Fe -500,Fe-500D etc.