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Sinter Plant

The 267,300 TPA Sinter Plant has been set up for the production of sinter to be utilized in blast furnace and thereby reducing iron ore and coke consumption and improve the productivity of the blast furnace. Sinter is a hard, strong and porous mass, produced by the incipient fusion of iron bearing materials, limestone, dolomite and coke fines.

The heat is generated within the mass itself by burning coke. With the use of sinter in mini blast furnace, fuel consumption rate can be significantly brought down and simultaneously improvements in productivity and hot metal quality can be achieved. Apart from the above advantages, almost all the waste materials, flue dust and sludge can be utilised in the sintering process. It will minimize the waste disposal problem. Considering the above advantages, one circular sinter plant having an area of 25 square meters and productivity of 1.5 ton per square meters has been set up for the conversion of iron ore fines into sinter. The sinter plant operates 24 hours per day and considering working of 330 days per annum, the installed capacity of the plant has been estimated at 267,300 TPA. The Company's sinter plant is designed and supplied by SSIT, Beijing.