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Steel Melting Shop (SMS)

The Steel Melting Shop has a capacity of 6,05,000 TPA and is mainly for the manufacturing of rolled products for automobile and engineering sector.

The Electric Arc furnace is an established process for the production of liquid steel using 100% solid charge comprising of appropriate proportion of scrap and DRI/HBI. About 30% of the total steel production in the world today is produced through EAF. There have been continuous developments in this process to increase productivity, decrease energy consumption and produce cleaner steels.

As explained above, three steel melting furnaces have been set up, one EAF with a capacity of 35 ton per batch and the remaining with a capacity of 20 ton per batch. The capacity calculation of the existing furnace is as under:

Particulars SMS - I (EAF) SMS - II (IF) SMS - III (LD)
No. of furnace 1 2 1
Average batch capacity (T) 38 20 24
Average no. of heats per day of 24 hrs 28 10 20
No. of working days per annum 340 340 340
Installed capacity if liquid metal (TPA) 3,09,000 1,36,000 1,60,000