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Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is one of the important factors contributing to nation building and hence Adhunik Group has started specific drives for empowerment of women living in surrounding geographic area of its business facilities. Recognizing the power of women in today’s society, the Group gives special attention to empowering local girls and women. In order to improve their social condition and make them economically independent, several vocational training programmes have been executed and the women Self Help Groups (SHG) have been strengthened by enhancing their competencies through training  on soap making, envelope making, phenyl making, domestic food products, candle, paper envelopes, stitching, tailoring and embroidery, mushroom cultivation, pattals (plates made of leaves), incense sticks preparation, papad preparation, fishery and vermi-compost making and facilitating them to start their own enterprises for income generation.

Mushroom cultivation, pattal and vermi-compost making provide regular income to the SHG members of Jamshedpur & Ghatkuri respectively. Phenyl preparation has become a regular source of income for some women in Rourkela while making paper envelopes has provided women in Jamshedpur with some additional monetary help.

Training in tailoring is provided to village girls at Don Bosco Vocational Training Institute, Rourkela, Odisha in different batches.  After completing the training, the trainees are certified by the institution and awarded with sewing machines sponsored by Adhunik. After successful completion of the six-month training in tailoring, Rina Kisan of Hariharpur village in Rourkela was given a sewing machine and she set up her own tailoring unit at home. Currently, she is earning around Rs. 3000-4000 per month through her entrepreneurial venture. Her tailoring unit has been a motivation for other girls to join the tailoring course. Another story is of Rashmi Mintz of Khukundbahal village, who is running a stitching shop from her home. She was the student of the first batch at Don Bosco Vocational Training Institute and she is now financially supporting her family. The soap factory at Ghatkuri in Jharkhand has been opened to local girls and women for training and manufacturing purposes. The company has also provided a market by consuming the products in its mines & plants while the remaining products are sold in the local market. The employment facility has supported the local women and girls in running their home.

The Group’s contribution towards this field was recognized by ‘Interface –Asia CSR-2010” when Managing Director of Adhunik Metaliks Limited received the ‘Think Odisha Leadership Awards-2010 by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Mr  Naveen Patnaik in a function at Bhubaneswar organized by Tefla – a noted event management company – in collaboration with the Times of India.

Phenyl Making Unit of SHGs Soap Making Unit of SHGs Tailoring Training at Don Bosco